PCLSPierce County Library System (est. 1946; Tacoma, WA)
PCLSPension Commencement Lump Sum (UK pension legislation)
PCLSPost-Traumatic Checklist Scale (psychology)
PCLSPower Control Lever (helicopters)
PCLSPrecision Cut Lung Slice (respiratory physiology)
PCLSPrototype Closed Loop System
PCLSPass Christian Lighthouse Society (Pass Christian, Mississippi)
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Results were bolstered by strong revenue growth in Personal and Commercial (P&C), including the impact of three more days in the quarter, and improved results in Capital Markets with lower operating expenses, which were partially offset by higher provision for credit losses (PCL).
According to his criterion of "frequency of use," the reconstructed version must follow the wording of the majority of PCLs (or direct collectors) and must disregard textual variants found in the minority's texts (p.
The top CMap hits are summarized at the level of PCLs in Excel Table S12 (carcinogenicity) and Excel Table S13 (genotoxicity) and visualized in Figure 5, and at the level of individual chemical perturbations in Excel Table S14 (carcinogenicity) and Excel Table S15 (genotoxicity).
Of these sharks, for growth analysis, we used data for 1279 individuals (659 males and 620 females; Table 1), which had PCLs of 33.4-258.3 cm for males and 33.4-243.3 cm for females (Fig.
During the initial 30-min appointment, the BHC conducted a functional assessment of PTSD symptoms aided by the PCL (Weathers et al., 1993).
TEI also seeks clarification as to how the Federal Government will compare provincial carbon levies ("PCL") to the Federal Benchmark and how it will determine when the Federal Backstop will be applied.
Primary cardiac lymphoma (PCL) is an extremely rare entity that accounts for only 0.5% of extranodal lymphomas and 1.0% of cardiac tumors.[sup][1] Because the tumor is clinically aggressive and fatal, it is of great significant to diagnose this disease and treat it promptly.
Plasma cell leukaemia (PCL) can be primary which arises de novo or evolves as a late feature in the course of plasma cell myeloma (secondary plasma cell leukaemia).
They then were placed in the role of patient care leader (PCL) as a precursor to the CNL role.
The alternative to taking the UFPLS is for Graham to crystallise part of his pension fund (PS160,000), take 25 per cent of this as a tax free PCLS and place the balance into flexi access drawdown (FAD) but as he doesn't need additional income at this time, he would not draw any income for the time being.
In this paper, we study SOPDs for third-order partially symmetric tensors and fourth-order fully and partially symmetric tensors and propose a new method called partial column-wise least squares (PCLS) to compute the SOPD.
PCLs analyzed fall data with support from the data coaches using the "Taking Action with Data" modules, an approach developed by Amplify that provides analytics and instructional tools.