PCMEPlease Call Me
PCMEPulse-Code Modulation Event
PCMEPomorskie Centrum Medycyny Estetycznej (Polish: Pomerania Center for Aesthetic Medicine; Poland)
PCMEPacket Circuit Multiplication Equipment
PCMEPacific County Materials Exchange
PCMEPretreatment Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (US EPA)
PCMEPollution Control and Measurement Europe
PCMEPhase Correlation Motion Estimation
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Yet, PCME can be applied to a broader range of topics and may achieve at least two related goals for management educators seeking to integrate sustainability into their curriculum.
(6) La creacion del pcme contemplaba tres objetivos principales: 1) el fortalecimiento de los vinculos entre los mexicanos en ambos lados de la frontera a traves de la formacion de clubes de oriundos como un modelo ideal para la lograr dicha vinculacion; 2) el mejoramiento de la imagen de los mexicano-americanos en Mexico a partir de sus logros y exitos; y 3) la promocion de un mejor entendimiento entre el gobierno mexicano y la poblacion de mexicanos en el exterior, por supuesto, a partir de la incorporacion y participacion de los migrantes en el diseno de las politicas publicas de seguridad y bienestar social como el Programa 3x1 (Gonzalez-Gutierrez, 2006).
Green in 2011 to implement its PCME program, which has been presented at more than a dozen hospitals across New Jersey.
PCME technology comprises three elements: a primary sensor such as a torque transmitting shaft which is processed to generate a directional magnetic field pattern when the force to be measured is applied; a secondary sensor unit which houses the measurement coils; and a third signal processing and conditioning module that can be located away from the sensing elements.
El PCME fue por mas de una decada un instrumento eficaz de politica exterior para intensificar las relaciones con los mexicanos radicados en Estados Unidos, pero el rapido crecimiento de la poblacion mexicana mostro, desde finales del gobierno del presidente Zedillo, que este instrumento estaba rebasado si la intencion gubernamental mexicana era contribuir a elevar el nivel de vida de las comunidades mexicanas en ese pais.
"Building on the momentum of our PCME product during the past year, we look forward to providing the Manufacturing Work Order applications to Solomon's Manufacturing Management Group.
Three manufacturers - Auburn Environmental, MAC Environmental and PCME - recently have launched products that can improve data collection for better production control, maintenance management and emissions control.
Pseudophakic cystoid macular edema (PCME) is characterized by fovea swelling due to fluid accumulation occurring weeks to months after cataract surgery [1-3].
Brummer, along with his wife, Suzanne, also has been the focal point of NJCTS' signature Patient-Centered Medical Education (PCME) program - giving a detailed, heartfelt account of what it is like to be a parent of a child (or in their case, two children) with Tourette Syndrome to dozens of doctors and health-care professionals across the state.
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