PCMLProgram Call Markup Language
PCMLPartido Comunista Marxista Leninista (Marxist-Leninist Party - Brazil)
PCMLParallel Coupled Microstrip Line
PCMLProgram Call Markup Language (IBM AS/400)
PCMLPulse Code Modulation Law
PCMLPseudo Current Mode Logic
PCMLPrecise Component Manufacture Ltd (UK)
PCMLPanel Call Markup Language
PCMLPedagogy-oriented Content Markup Language
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The directors of Hubline say a partnership with PCML will provid Hubline with an advantageous platform to expand its existing dry bulk logistic services and to move into the liquid chemical logistic service.
El proceso de formacion del Partido Comunista Marxista Leninista (PCML) iniciado a mediados de los sesenta, tuvo origen en una celula de obreros platenses que rapidamente atrajo a un grupo de estudiantes universitarios.
Los militantes del GRE se incorporaban al PCML en una celula estudiantil luego de un proceso de discusion de las tesis partidarias.
Para el PCML se trata de evitar que los estudiantes y los intelectuales caigan en la lucha del "movimiento democratico por el movimiento mismo", lo que los lleva a la mera lucha academica y los separa de las masas populares.
En el caso del PCML el partido funciona como direccion y fuerza de esa transformacion si orienta y educa a los estudiantes en la acumulacion de fuerzas y en la combinacion de los metodos de lucha.
The unique in-system selectable LVDS and PCML I/Os allow the design of single ports that support both LVDS-based and PCML-based interfaces such as SPI4.2 (LVDS) and XAUI (PCML).
A stepped impedance resonator (SIR) combined with PCML is suitable for the filter design because the higher order resonant modes can be shifted or suppressed, and the spurious frequency response can be used to create a second passband for a dual-passband response [2,4,12].
The enhancement of PCML structure tight coupling over the wide frequency range and dual-band is realized by using a feeding network with lower impedance.
The physical parameters of PCML strip and slots widths are [w.sub.1] = 0.6 mm, [s.sub.1] = 0.2 mm and the length [l.sub.1] = 14mm ([approximately equal to] [lambda]/4 at 2.65GHz).
The company started work with PCML in December 2013 while its work with PCMI would start in July 2014.
SESB hopes work to start with PCML in December 2013 while work with PCMI is due to start in this July.