PCMPPost Construction Monitoring Program (environmental safety)
PCMPPower Control Algorithm with Minimum Power Base Station Assignment
PCMPPittsburgh Chamber Music Project
PCMPProgram Configuration Management Procedure
PCMPPost-Closure Monitoring Plan
PCMPPalliative Care Medicine Program (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
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RCCOs receive a PMPM payment for PCMP support and care-coordination.
PCMPs provide whole-person oriented, coordinated, member/family-centered care in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner.
PCMPs in the ACC program contract with both Medicaid and the RCCOs and are accountable to both the state and the RCCOs.
Table 4: Global PCMP Chemicals Market (2010): Percentage
McMurtrey, 55, is the founder of PCMP which he established in 1978 as a national distributor of computer peripheral equipment.