PCMTProtein Carboxyl Methyltransferase
PCMTPersonal Computer Message Terminal
PCMTPimpri Chinchwad Municipal Transport (Indian public transportation)
PCMTPailan College of Management and Technology (India)
PCMTPrimary Crisis Management Team
PCMTPrepay Customer Management Tool (Telefonica O2 UK Limited)
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For patients whose initial prostate-biopsy results come back negative, PCMT can often prevent the need for multiple biopsies by eliminating false-negative results.
By partnering with Mitomics to offer PCMT, Sterling Pathology National Laboratories furthers its commitment to deliver the very best diagnostic tools to urologists and their patients.
TM]](PCMT) Conducted in Mitomics' CLIA-certified lab, PCMT uses existing prostate-biopsy material to detect mitochondrial-DNA alterations (called "deletions") that appear in benign tissue when a tumor is present in adjacent tissue.
PCMT is a highly advanced, proprietary test based on the science of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).
Using previously obtained prostate biopsy tissue, PCMT can determine the presence of malignant cells via a cancerization field effect by detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal-appearing tissue.
Mitomics also today provided this update on the launch of PCMT in the United States:
The early adopters of PCMT are not only valuing the opportunity to know more from their original biopsy cores, but also utilizing the additional clinical data point to make subsequent biopsy decisions with confidence.
For more information or to order the Prostate Core Mitomic Test, please visit the PCMT web page.
Utilizing its cancerization field effect to identify molecular changes and enable detection of missed tumors, PCMT has demonstrated sensitivity of 84 percent and has also been shown to accurately rule out prostate cancer with a negative predictive value of 91 percent.
The ability of PCMT to use mtDNA to potentially identify malignancy by detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal-appearing tissue is an important advance for managing patients whom the urologist feels may be at increased risk.
The PCMT generates a model library where the process related model parameters are extracted based on measured PCM (Process Control Monitors) data.
With PCMT, we have augmented our statistical modeling platform with an automated and direct feedback mechanism for our customers, closing the loop between design to specification and silicon performance," said Dr.