PCNEPharmaceutical Care Network Europe (est. 1994)
PCNEProtocol Converter for Non-SNA Equipment
PCNEPhanerogams and Cryptogams of the Netherlands and Europe (flora)
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As in previous PCNEs, some of the most inspiring were the stories from the ground shared by those close to the ground.
Tagle explained that his office would convoke PCNE II in response to the continuing call for New Evangelization and the pastoral visit of Pope Francis.
This year's PCNE carries the theme "Blessed are you.
Tagle said he considers PCNE I as "grace-filled" for giving hope amid the "rubble of natural calamities, escalating poverty, scandalizing corruption and worrisome violence.
Tagle later asked the PCNE participants to whip out their cell phones, type in the message "Behold, God makes all things new" and forward it to family and friends.
The three-day PCNE, dubbed as the Asian gathering of faith, will be instrumental in reigniting not only the Filipino's Catholic faith, but as well as the Church's mission of serving poor members of the society, he said.
This, Tagle said, was the whole point of the PCNE, which calls for the renewal of faith.
Former Ambassador to the Vatican Henrietta de Villa said Church leaders have been planning for the PCNE to become a version of such joyous Church gatherings like the World Youth Day or the World Meeting of Families that were started by the late Pope John Paul II.