PCNLPercutaneous Nephrolithotomy
PCNLPoint Clark Networks Limited (est. 2000; Canada)
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The other 12 patients in the PCNL group received PCNL plus fulguration of the diverticular walls.
After discussing the options of shockwave lithotripsy, ureteroscopy, and PCNL, a decision was made to proceed with PCNL in an attempt to achieve complete removal of her right-sided renal stone burden.
PCNL was the most common urological procedure studied for the assessment of the radiation exposure.
Encl: Photo of Conference Inauguration, and iPad-guided Renal Access PCNL.
Technical difficulties during PCNL in previously operated kidney: 38 cases.
In this prospective study, we evaluated the safety, feasibility and efficacy of tubeless PCNL in the supine position in selected cases of renal stones.
PCNL can be done under General Anaesthesia or Spinal Anaesthesia.
Professor Mumtaz said that the recent advances in the medical sciences would help the Urologists to break the stones in the kidney through micro PCNL procedures.
The main concern about PCNL is the resultant morbidity: Complications such as bleeding, parenchymal damage, and organ injury hindered the adoption of PCNL in primary hospitals in China.
1-8 In our practice, we see a large number of children with stone disease, and have not found age and weight to be a barrier to performing PCNL successfully.