PCOAPrevious Care-Of Address
PCOAPima Council on Aging (Arizona)
PCOAprincipal coordinate analysis (statistical analysis)
PCOAPrincipal Component Analysis (statistical analysis)
PCOAProprietary Change of Address
PCOAPrivate Coaching
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PCoA points out that historically, older adults comprise the largest pool of victims in natural disasters of any age group.
The PCoA separated the plots from NFS site on edge and interior showing that the species composition between the areas is quite heterogeneous due to the sharing of only eight species of the 31 species found for this site.
The Minister of Power, Babatunde Fashola, has said the government won't provide the partial risk guarantees and PCOAs demanded by some of the IPP developers without a cut in tariffs.
Considering that Pm21 is derived from the T6VS/6AL lines (CAO et al., 2010; ZHAN et al., 2010), PCoA was performed based on genotype data of the 769 markers (SNP and DArT) on chromosome 6 AS.
Todas as analises foram realizadas no ambiente de programacao estatistica R (R CORE TEAM, 2015), junto com os pacotes vegan (OKSANEN et al., 2015), para a PCA e PCoA, mvabund (WANG et al., 2012), para os modelos lineares generalizados das especies, e lavaan (ROSSEEL, 2012), para a Modelagem de Equacoes Estruturais.
Results of hierarchical cluster heatmap analysis of the microbial communities at genus level (Figure S1, Supplementary Material) and PCoA based on weighted and unweighted UniFrac distances (Figure 2) served as a basis for analysis of the relationships of microbial communities among the three different CWs.
To investigate genetic relationships between the five groups defined above, principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) was performed (Figure S2).
Relationships between various samples were evaluated using UniFrac based principal component analysis (PCoA).
Principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) of UniFrac distances was performed to compare the data set before and after intervention.
Principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) based on the unweighted UniFrac distance metrics was used to demonstrate that there was a difference in the mucosal bacterial communities between the cases and controls, which was confirmed by permutational multivariate analysis of variance (PERMANOVA) PCoA in the CRC patients.
Beta diversity variations were evaluated at the OTU level via Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCoA) and PERMANOVA based on the Morisita-Horn similarity index [22].