PCOHPetroleum Club of Houston (Texas)
PCOHProducts-Completed Operations Hazard (property damage law)
PCOHPride Committee of Houston (Houston, TX)
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The Third District Court of Appeals reversed the trial court's decision, noting that Custom Agri applies to construction defects caused by the insured's own work but does not address PCOH or subcontractor-specific claims.
FCOH is the natural log of the relative size of five future cohorts to five current cohorts, and PCOH is the natural log of the relative size of five preceding cohorts to five current cohorts.
The first stage parameter estimates in Table II show positive effect of FCOH and negative effect of PCOH on schooling.
Effects of Cohort Size on Wage Group Effects Mean Standard Error t-statistic College FCOH 0.0800 0.2831 0.283 PCOH -0.9304 0.2113 4.403(***) High School FCOH 0.2513 0.0488 5.148(***) PCOH -0.3696 0.0496 7.455(***) Least Schooling FCOH 0.3056 0.0721 4.241(***) PCOH -0.3618 0.0723 5.006(***)