PCORCenter for Primary Care and Outcomes Research
PCORPreliminary Change of Ownership Report (real estate)
PCORPcOrder.com (stock symbol)
PCORPressure Compensator Override (motors)
PCORPreliminary Close Out Report (US Environmental Protection Agency)
PCORPeptide Cyclization on an Oxime Resin (biochemistry)
PCORProfit Commission on Renewal
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Large-scale institutions like PCORI and The BMJ aim to foster the shift toward PCOR to enhance overall health care through research.
Solo al Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia (Imcine) se le quitan 43 millones, que representan el menos 15.69% en PCOR de su presupuesto del 2018 y se incrementa al menos 20.2% en PC.
'PCOR's robust sales being currently enjoyed this year is also partly due to the 30 percent increase in nationwide car sales volume for 2016.
Recognizing the importance of exposing clinicians in training to PCOR, including fully understanding their role and value in shared clinical decision making, the program is developing tools, such as faculty slide sets on comparative effectiveness reviews of the literature, to reach this audience through traditional clinical curricula.
PLAINS C[O.sub.2] REDUCTION (PCOR) PARTNERSHIP 2 (2005), available at
Research (PCOR) Institute, to direct the CER program.
Petron Corporation (PCOR.PH), the Philippines' largest oil refinery by capacity and sales, has reported an increase in net profit in 2010.
HHS will provide grants totaling nearly $17 million for "patient-centered outcomes research" (PCOR), which focuses on treatments and strategies that might improve health outcomes from the patient's point of view.
South Dakota is also a member of the Plains C[O.sub.2] Reduction (PCOR) Partnership along with Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
Sobre la masa vegetal actuan la fuerza de corte (Pcor) y la reaccion de la contracuchilla, descompuesta en una fuerza normal (N) y una de friccion (F).
If the proposal becomes a formal requirement it could lead to greater provision of mobile services, with Vodafone arguing some lower-income groups are more likely to use a mobile rather than a PCor laptop to access the internet.
Turning now to the chicken supply function, we begin with a counterpart to equation 1, with pcor representing the real price of corn, an important input price, given that corn is the primary grain used as chicken feed.