PCQper Class Queuing
PCQPerformance Counter Query
PCQPlease Charleston Quietly (sign in dance halls in 1920s)
PCQPro Circuit Qualifier (sports)
PCQPre-Course Questionnaire
PCQPlan Contrôle Qualité (French: Quality Control Plan)
PCQPacket Classification and Queuing
PCQPorts Corporation of Queensland Ltd. (Australia)
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PCQ, PCK and PZC are funds that invest primarily in California municipal bonds and seek to provide current income exempt from federal and California income taxes.
Dicho resultado se sustenta, en que a partir de esta revision, se determino que los cuestionarios BR-PCAT-CE, PCAT, C-PCAT, CPCI, BR-PCAT-AS, PCQ, BR-PCAT-AE, AR-PCAT-AE, KPCAT, v.
Data was collected by using a Professional Commitment Questionnaire (PCQ) which was comprised of two parts.
A reduction in autism-related behavioral challenges was supported by change on the PCQ. A significant change was obtained from pretest to intervention.
Abbreviations POS: Perceived organizational support PsyCap: Psychological capital UWES: UtrechtWork Engagement Scale ERI: Effort-Reward Imbalance SPOS: Survey of Perceived Organizational Support PCQ: Psychological Capital Questionnaire VIF: Variance inflation factor SD: Standard deviation BCa 95% CI: Bias-corrected and accelerated 95% confidence interval.
Tree species were quantified by using "Point-Centered Quarter" (PCQ) method following Cottom and Cartis (1956).
In just under nine months, Panaya completed CSN, companhia Siderurgica Nacional's business transformation project to SAP HANA, using Panaya CloudQuality Suite (PCQ), a SaaS cloud platform that delivers ERP change analytics and actionable recommendations to effectively plan, scope, test and report change implementation.
14, 2016, Suju Rajan, the director of research for personalization science at Yahoo Labs, announced the Yahoo News Feed dataset (bit.ly/lP20 PCQ), "the largest-ever machine learning dataset.
Generalized estimating equations with logit link and autoregressive covariance matrices were used to estimate the proportion of charts coded for the presence of each Pain Care Quality (PCQ) extraction tool item for each year and type of facility (health center or community-based outpatient clinics in the VACHS and small [1-2 PCPs], medium [3-4 PCPs], or large [5 or more PCPs] clinics in the CHCI).
Mean values for slaughter weight (PA), hot carcass weight (PCQ), yield (RND), forequarter weight (PD), sawcut hindquarters weight (PT), spare rib weight (PPA), cold carcass weight (CCW) and cold carcass pH (pHF) are presented in Table 2.
These scales included the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS; Cohen, Kamarck, & Mermelstein, 1983), the Perceived Control of Internal States Scale (PCOISS; Pallant, 2000), and the Perceived Control Questionnaire (PCQ; Skinner, 1995; 1996).