PCQCPrimary Care Quality Centre (UK healthcare)
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San Francisco-based Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) instructor and 2019 PCQC head judge Trish Rothgeb introduced the Philippines' winning coffee selection as having new flavors with fruit notes that are tropical, sweet, fragrant and exciting.
According to CQI senior advisor and Coffee Cuppers Handbook author Ted Lingle, the PCQC judges did a good job in scoring the coffee.
An annual event on its third year in 2019, the PCQC seeks to heighten the consciousness of Filipino farmers on coffee quality and increase their competitiveness in the local and global market.
In the cupping event in Boston, San Francisco-based CQI Instructor and 2019 PCQC Head Judge Trish Rothgeb introduced the winning coffee selection to have new flavors with fruit notes that are tropical, sweet, fragrant and exciting.
Again, this is needed in real time, not just in PCQC. There are methods and tools to get this critical information and identify the errors early on, while there is still time to take corrective action and avoid a trend in the wrong direction.
The PCQC reports should be validating that corrective action, taken early on, has worked.
On March 22 after the conduct of PCQC in Baguio City, Bacofa met with buyers who expressed interest to procure coffee at a high price of P500 a kilo.
The winners were recognized during the 2018 PCQC awarding ceremony at the Hotel Supreme here on Wednesday, as a highlight of the 3rd Philippine Coffee Conference.
Only in its second year, PCQC gathered 108 entries for this years tilt.