PCR-DGGEPolymerase Chain Reaction and Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
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Results indicated that for fermented milk products consistency was found for both species-specific PCR and PCR-DGGE in detecting species.
El analisis por PCR-DGGE mostro un perfil de bandas que al ser re amplificadas y secuenciadas permitieron identificar ocho especies de bifidobacterias presentes en el agua (Tabla 1).
curvatus (as Ls samples and Lc samples, respectively) and beef samples without any treatment (as control) by using the nested PCR-DGGE (Figure 1).
PCR-DGGE along with image analysis helps to study the microbial similarity and diversity, while erection of dendrogram (UPGMA) and analysis of sequence were done to study the disease linked DGGE motifs and taxa (Wu et al., 2010).
Loiseau, "Application of PCR-DGGE in determining food origin: Cases studies of fish and fruits," Aspects of Applied Biology, vol.
A PCR-DGGE method for detection and identification of Campylobacter, Helicobacter, Arcobacter and related Epsilobacteria and its application to saliva samples from humans and domestic pets.
These results are similar to what we observed with the PCR-DGGE technique, that is, the positive samples for E.
The PCR-DGGE technique evaluates the predominant microbial communities in the soil or that associated with the plant [40].
Ademas, para evaluar las poblaciones bacterianas predominantes de la fraccion cultivable (FC) se uso la reaccion de PCR-DGGE, en las condiciones de amplificacion, corrida, tincion y analisis de perfiles previamente descritas para el analisis molecular de la fraccion total (FT).
It was found that an obvious shift in microbial community structure was observed by PCR-DGGE, and diversity of sludge using real domestic sewage was higher than that with synthetic wastewater.