PCR-SSPPolymerase Chain Reaction with Sequence-Specific Primer
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The purpose of this consultation is to award a public contract for the supply of hla class i and ii typing reagents of low resolution, high resolution and wipe test (technical wiping test) pcr-ssp technique for the whole blood establishments (ets) at the french blood establishment (efs).
Rapid assignment of the swine major histocompatibility complex (SLA) class I and II genotypes in Clawn miniature swine using PCR-SSP and PCR-RFLP methods.
HNA system 1 (HNA-1) genotyping was performed by PCR-SSP. The mother was negative for HNA-1a, -1b, and -1c, consistent with an Fc[gamma]RIIIb deficiency, whereas the newborn and the father were positive for HNA-1a and -1b and negative for -1c.
studied alleles HLA-DRB1 *1301/1302,1501/1502,1201/1202 in patients with hepatitis B using PCR-SSP technology, and drew a conclusion that allele GF of HLA-DRB1 *1301/1302 among patients with chronic hepatitis B was 0.56%, which was significantly lower than control group (p <0.05); the other two alleles had no significant difference (p >0.05).
We blindly typed these samples by in-house PCR-SSP technique and checked with HLA alleles of the same samples.
Discrepant HLA typing results were detected in 6 of 33 samples (18.2%) analyzed by two different PCR-SSO techniques and one PCR-SSP technique.
Gerec ve Yontemler: Hemofili 57 Tayland'h hastalarda HLA-DRB1 allelleri ve DQBI allel dagihmi bir PCR-sira ozel astar (PCR-SSP) yontemi ve faktor VIII (FVIII) inhibitor olusumu arasindaki iliski kullanilarak belirlendi ve bazi HLA klas II allelleri varhgi arastirilmistir.
Los alelos del HLA se obtuvieron a partir de las tipificaciones HLA de clases I y II por el metodo PCR-SSP (Polymerase Chain Reaction--Sequence Specific Primers), entre enero y noviembre de 2009, procesadas en el Laboratorio de Inmunologia del Hospital Militar Central de Bogota, y de las bases de datos provenientes del Instituto de Referencia Andino y del Hospital Militar Central.
With its examination of HLA typing, PCR-SSP typing and HLA antigens, this handbook primarily focuses on these issues within new research in hematopoietic stem cells.
HLA-DR typing by polymerase chain reaction amplification with sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP).
IL12 gene typing was performed by Polymerase Chain Reaction with Sequence-Specific Primers (PCR-SSP) assay (PCR-SSP kit, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany), similar to what explained before (6).
Pakiet 4-Dostawa testw do badan ukladu HLA metoda PCR-SSP