PCR-STRPolymerase Chain Reaction of Short Tandem Repeat sequences
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(32) See Davenport, supra 29, at 1017 (commenting on reliability of and praise for PCR-STR method).
(95) See Smith & Gordon, supra note 1, at 2471 -72 (elaborating on problems associated with PCR-STR testing).
We assessed the minimum detection limit of the PCR-STR method with use of prepared mixed-DNA samples or mixed-cell samples.
The PCR-STR analysis using mixed-DNA samples detected female DNA down to 2% female DNA in male DNA (Fig.
We investigated the relationships between the ratio of XX to XY signals as a percentage obtained by FISH analysis and the percentage female obtained by PCR-STR analysis by linear regression analysis.
The PCR-STR method is increasingly being used for monitoring the engraftment of donor cells after stem cell transplantation (SCT) or BMT because it can be applied to both sex-matched and -mismatched BMT (5-13).
(23), lineage-specific PCR-STR would allow early prediction of the response after DLI.
However, performing PCR-STR analysis with DNA extracted from whole leukocytes would make it difficult to distinguish between these two possibilities because of the background derived from healthy hematopoietic cells.