PCRAPetroleum Conservation Research Association
PCRAPersonal Choice Retirement Account (Schwab)
PCRAPost-Conviction Relief Act (Pennsylvania)
PCRAPrincipal Clinical Research Associate
PCRApyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase
PCRAPatient-Controlled Regional Analgesia
PCRAParticipatory Coastal Resource Assessment
PCRAProgramme Canadien du Revenu Agricole (Canada)
PCRAPennsylvania Court Reporters Association
PCRAPost Classic Racing Association (New South Wales, Australia)
PCRAProtection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 (India)
PCRAProfessional Cleaning & Restoration Alliance (AR, OK, NM, TX, LA)
PCRAPolymerase Chain Reaction Assay
PCRAPerquimans County Restoration Association
PCRAPre-Construction Risk Assessment
PCRAPictou County Rivers Association
PCRAPreliminary Cumulative Risk Assessment
PCRAPersonal Report of Communication Apprehension
PCRAPakistan Cave Research Association
PCRAProcess Cost Reduction Analysis
PCRAProgram Certification and Resident Assessment
PCRAPoint Cook Residents Association (Australia)
PCRAPolicy Charter Review Application
PCRAProgram for Cultural Resource Assessment
PCRAPotter County Redevelopment Authority
PCRAPharmaceutical Contract Research Alliance
PCRAPacific Coast Renderers Association
PCRAProvo City Redevelopment Agency
PCRAPower Cost Reserve Adjustment
PCRAProtection Cathodique et Revêtements Associés
PCRAPrésidents des Commissions Régionales des Arbitres
PCRAPoland China Record Association
PCRAPMD Cloud-Recognition Algorithm
PCRAPost-Combat Reintegration Allowance (Canadian Forces)
PCRAProduction Cross Reference Associates
PCRAPacific Coastal Resources Atlas
PCRAProgrammatic Comparative Risk Analysis
PCRAPost-Convction Review Appeal
PCRAPentecostal and Charismatic Research Association
PCRAPaint Creek Recreation Area
PCRAParent Care Readiness Assessment
PCRAPolitical Country Risk Analysis
PCRAProgramme Canadien des Recherches Antarctiques
PCRAParabolic-Cylinder Reflector Antenna
PCRAPositive Conservative Regular Affine
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mediator or a moderator of race for purposes of the PCRA, but the
From January 16 to February 15, PCRA will run people-centric drives throughout the country to encourage a behavioural change.
Driving evidence-based supervision to the next level: Utilizing PCRA, "drivers," and effective supervision techniques.
In this investigation, patients receiving ropivacaine by infusion with PCRA reported on average minimal-to-no pain at rest until their catheters were removed the evening of postoperative day 2.
Lowenkamp et al., The Federal Post Conviction Risk Assessment (PCRA): A Construction and Validation Study, 10 Psychol.
It also has a Path Computation and Resource Admission (PCRA), and a Grid User network interface Message Handler (GUMH) to manage and control intra-domain network resources, and a Configuration and Event Management Handler (CEMH), as shown in Fig.
It is reported to save up to 25pc fuel consumption.According to some reports India had set up a research unit called Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) in 1976 to identify the savings potential and for developing measures/ tools for conserving petroleum products.
Evaluation of analgesic effect of adding magnesium to lidocaine in patient- controlled regional analgesia (PCRA) after foot surgery.
Courts (AOUSC), called the Federal Post Conviction Risk Assessment (PCRA).
(Kg/[m.sup.2]) 27,13 (4,91) DATOS ANALITICOS Hemoglobina (mg/dL) 112,57 (17,76) 53 Creatinina (mg/dL) 7,8 (1,8) Urea (mg/dL) 179,02 (48,04) Glucosa (mg/dL) 91 (21,30) Calcio (mg/dL) 9,06 (09,96) 52 Fosforo (mg/dL) 5,68 (1,34) 52 iPTH (pg/mL) 270,84 (222,27) 47 PCRa (mg/L) 3,13 (2,9-11,25) 53 Albumina (g/dL) 3,68 (0,48) Proteinas Totales (g/dL) 6,78 (0,68) Colesterol Total (mg/dL) 166,68 (49,95) 51 Trigliceridos (mg/dL) 121,98 (67,44) 53 Colesterol H.D.L.
The book will be useful as a reference for organizations performing whole genome studies, companies designing instruments that utilize PCR, and individual scientists--geneticists, molecular biologists, and molecular geneticists--who routinely use PCRA in their research.