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PCRCPacific Concerns Resource Centre (Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement)
PCRCPolice Community Relations Council (Minneapolis, MN)
PCRCPanama Canal Railway Co
PCRCParallel Compiler Runtime Consortium
PCRCPacific Coast Recovery Center (Laguna Beach, CA)
PCRCProChoice Resource Center (Cambridge, MA)
PCRCPipeline Compressor Research Council (former name of GMRC, Gas Machinery Research Council)
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and the PCRC Application for Agencies Fingerprinting) require the young
Method Illu Exp Dis Disill SRC [35] 80.8 85.4 55.6 25.3 CRC [36] 80.5 80.4 58.1 23.8 AGL [45] 93.3 77.9 70.0 53.8 DMMA [16] 92.1 81.4 46.9 30.9 PNN [46] 84.6 86.7 90.0 72.5 PCRC [47] 95.0 86.7 95.6 81.3 ESRC [15] 99.6 85.0 83.1 68.6 SVDL [18] 98.3 86.3 86.3 79.4 LGR [6] 100 97.9 98.8 96.3 TLC [5] 100 98.3 99.4 98.1 TDL 100 100 99.5 99.3 Table 6: Accuracy (%) on AR face database (session 2).
As shown in Figure 3(a), for the respiratory viruses, in all the samples, the band of the internal control (PCRC) and that of the whole process control (WPC) were present; there was a specific signal for AdV and HEV, not only in its positive control but also in the samples spiked with both viral loads and as expected, no specific bands resulted in negative controls.
It will be much better, if HEC notify to all universities to established DBS and then with the help of HEC regional centre establish a Provincial Curriculum Revision Committees (PCRC) for each of the subject and allocate some power to these committees.
The recognition accuracy of different algorithms on the FERET face database Algorithm Recognition accuracy Algorithm 66.39% MSPSCRC 74.44% 74.36% KNN 64.47% 29.60% PNN 58.92% 31.40% Our proposed 85.20% Algorithm Recognition accuracy CRC 66.39% SCRC 74.36% PCRC 29.60% MSPCRC 31.40% classifier (5 layers) Table 6.
The PCRC endorsed several programme implementation related measures to ensure smooth implementation of technical assistance and community mobilization components of CDLD, including improved coordination among implementing partners at the provincial and district levels.
During the PCRC meeting, discussions were centered around the main agenda items with a focus on reaching joint understanding on areas that needed to be addressed.
The figures reveal the municipality-run PC Refurbishment Centre (PCRC) has, in its eight-year history, received 39,720 desktops -- weighing a total of 794 tonnes.
Old computers and accessories are repaired and made workable by the Dubai Municipality's Personal Computer Refurbishment Centre (PCRC), which donates these refurbished devices to charity schools in the UAE and universities and colleges abroad.
For more information on Pennine Canoe Polo or how to get involved like Pennine Canoe and Rowing Club contact PCRC on Facebook, follow @PennineCRC on Twitter or visit the website www.penninecrc.org The club are actively seeking sponsorship which can be displayed on club kit and boats, and if anyone is able to help the club out with sponsorship or funding please contact michaelpsmith@hotmail.co.uk or canoepolo@penninecrc.org FACTFILE Canoe Polo - also known as Kayak Polo - is one of the competitive disciplines of canoeing.
Suzie Mudge, PCRC, AUT University, Private Bag 92116, Auckland 1142, suzie.mudge@aut.ac.nz, 09 921 9999 X 7096
(8.) These bodies are: the Council of Pacific Educators (COPE), the Pacific Disability Forum (PDF), the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre (FWCC), the Foundations of the People of the South Pacific (FSPI), Greenpeace, the Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women (PACFAW), the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC) and the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO).