PCRPProstate Cancer Research Program
PCRPPolymerase Chain Reaction Product
PCRPPower Cord Replacement Program (for Microsoft Xbox)
PCRPPersonal Computer Recycling Point (UK)
PCRPPC Based Radar Processor
PCRPProper Complex Random Process
PCRPProcess Condition Range Parameter
PCRPPalliative Care Resource Professional (disease management)
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PCRP is a private organization that screens and polices clinical trials being held in the Philippines.
Grace Mendoza, another PCRP founding member, said the Dengvaxia controversy might also put in question the 'capability' of the Philippines to do clinical trials and turn off foundations, philanthropists, pharmaceutical firms and other sponsors.
However, mechanisms for synthesis of subunits and their assembly into pCRP remain unclear.
(ii) Local dissociation: dissociation of pCRP into mCRP has been observed in membranes of apoptotic cells [42] and activated platelets in atherosclerotic plaques [43], representing an important interface between innate and adaptive immunity, thrombosis, and atherogenesis.
Alongside phosphatidylcholine, pCRP may also bind to phosphocholine [55] and human complement factor H-related protein 4 (CFHR4) [56] until its dissociation into mCRP.
pCRP can bind specifically to FcyRI in macrophages and to FcyRIIa, in macrophages and platelets.
Both isoforms are involved in such processes: pCRP can generate inflammatory responses binding to the phosphatidylcholine on the exterior of LDL-ox and the surface of apoptotic cells [53], while mCRP is able to modulate platelet function inducing aggregation and contributes to atherothrombotic complications by promoting thrombosis [60] (Figure 2).
Paratypes: SOUTH AFRICA: 2[male] same data as holotype (PCRP, PCMB); 1[male] same data but 9.ii.1996 (PCBM); 1[male] same data, emerged [in Cape Town], 17.iii.1996, A.P.
Marais (PCRP); 3[male] 1[female] Sutherland, 19.X.2002, R.
Ball (PCRP); 1[male] 1[female] Waaihoek Mtn, lower slopes, 4.i.1997, A.K.
pubescens" (PCRP); 7[male] 1[female] Lamberts Bay [32[degrees]06'S 18[degrees]19'E], 7.xi.1988, J.B.
Increase in C-reactive protein in the serum of piglets (pCRP) following ACTH or corticosteroid administration.