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PCSAPersonal Computing System Architecture
PCSAPre-Construction Services Agreement
PCSAPolarizer-Compensator Sample Analyzer
PCSAPhysiological Cross Sectional Area (biomechanics of muscles)
PCSAPrimary Care Service Area
PCSAProstate Cancer Support Association (various locations)
PCSAPet Care Services Association (Colorado Springs, CO)
PCSAPeace Corps South Africa
PCSAPlastic Card Security Act (Minnesota)
PCSAPersonal Computing Systems Architecture
PCSAPower Crane and Shovel Association
PCSAPeel Committee on Sexual Assault (Canada)
PCSAPresbyterian Church of Southern Africa
PCSAProperty Control System Analysis
PCSAPatrol Craft Sailors Association
PCSAPorsche Club of South Australia
PCSAPrimary Census Statistical Area
PCSAPresbyterian Church of South Africa (religious denomination; South Africa)
PCSAPersonal Computer Support Advisor
PCSAPresident's Council of Student Advisors (various organizations)
PCSAParents, Carers School Association (UK)
PCSAPublic Child Service Agency (Ohio)
PCSASeaman Apprentice, Postal Clerk Striker (Naval Rating)
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He concluded that PCSA is open to ship owners and operators.
*For an overview of Primary Care Service Areas (PCSAs), see Goodman, D., et al.
Procedures Musculoskeletal model Diagram Measurement of movements (i) Joint-segment model Inverse dynamics (i) Body segment parameters (mass, length center of mass moment of inertia) (i) Muscle groups Static optimization (ii) Moment arms (iii) Physiological cross sectional area (PCSA) TABLE 2: Coefficients for the body segment parameters.
Es conocido que los musculos tenares que participan en la oposicion del pulgar son el ACP, el oponente del pulgar (OP) y la cabeza superficial del musculo flexor corto del pulgar (FCP), y que la fraccion de la tension de estos musculos es de 3,8% (PCSA 6.0 [cm.sup.2]) (Baek et al., 1999).
By combining PCSA and RTV 655, two space-qualified materials used previously for aerospace missions [33-39], it is possible to create compound materials with unique and tunable physical and thermal properties applicable to future space exploration as well as terrestrial applications requiring expandable lightweight insulating material.
For the evaluation of the seated biceps curl exercise, the forward dynamics simulations could also only be solved after a number of adjustments had been made to the model, such as increasing the pCSA of the muscles, manipulating muscle origins and insertions, and decreasing the joint stiffness in the forwards dynamics simulations.
The proposed pre-crash sensing and avoidance (PCSA) algorithm consist of following steps.
3.2 Fase de determinacion de los componentes y caracteristicas del Programa de Compensacion por Servicios Ambientales en la cuenca alta del rio Uribante (PCSA)
Finally, we use primary care service area (PCSA) markets (rather than larger, more heterogeneous, counties) to define most of the contextual variables.