PCSCPersonal Computing Support Center
PCSCPersonal Computer Smart Card
PCSCPresident Chain Store Corporation (Taiwan)
PCSCPreventing and Combating Serious Crime (international agreement)
PCSCPersonal Computer / Smart Card
PCSCpricing and classification service center (US Postal Service assistance facility)
PCSCPolice Civil Service Commission (various locations)
PCSCParts Canada Superbike Championship (racing)
PCSCPacific Coast Steamship Company (est. 1882)
PCSCPersonal Communications Switching Center
PCSCPontifical Council for Social Communications
PCSCPreliminary Certificate in Social Care (UK)
PCSCPersonal Computer Site Coordinator
PCSCProgram Change Sub-Committee
PCSCprivate child support collector
PCSCProfessional Certificate in Specialty Construction
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The special drive will be followed by continuous action by concerned PCSCs on this issue.
This transient response of human prostate tumors to androgen-ablation therapy has led to the speculation that recurrent disease arises from this small population of PCSC. Moreover, since normal PSC clearly exhibit androgen independence (52,53), it is postulated that the dramatic tumor regression brought by androgen-ablation may actually stimulate similarly androgen-independent PCSC to repopulate the tumor with androgen-independent cells, thus leading to emergence of androgen-refractory prostate cancer, followed by metastasis.
The paint Industry spearhead by the IPA and PCSC has taken big strides in skilling across the country and today our painters have been exposed to not only national but also international painting best-practices," elaborated Mr.
Systematic review (32) pointed out that the greater continuity of care as well as the number of consultations in primary care is associated with the lower risk of hospitalization due to PCSC, reinforcing the potential effectiveness of this level of care, a finding corroborated by a national study (33).
Concurrently, UPEC and PCSC will acquire Starbucks 50% interest in President Starbucks Coffee Taiwan Limited (Taiwan JV) and assume 100% ownership of Starbucks operations in Taiwan for approximately USD175m.
PCSC has diversified into other retail businesses, such as restaurants, drugstores, department stores, supermarkets and online shopping.
PCSC analysis identifies the most frequent causes of hospitalizations and whether the diseases are avoidable.
The BioConnect Identity Platform integrates the following leading access control systems with the Suprema biometric terminals; ACT ACTManage, AMAG Symmetry, Axis A1001, Brivo OnAir/OnSite, Genetec Security Center, IMRON IS2000, Lenel OnGuard, Open Options dnaFusion, Paxton Net2, Honeywell ProWatch, Honeywell WINPAK, RS2 AccessIT!, S2 Netbox, Software House CCURE 9000, Stanley SecureNET, Gallagher Command Centre and now PCSC LiNC-PLUS.
In the past, the PA owned some APIC shares through its predecessor, the Palestinian Commercial Services Company (PCSC).
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 (KUNA) -- Malaysia is one step closer in joining the United States' Visa Waiver Programme (US VWP) after both countries signed the agreement on enhancing cooperation in Preventing and Combating Serious Crime (PCSC) on Thursday.
Available from: http://dental.padfic.edu/Community_Involvement/ Pacific_Center_for_Special_Care_(PCSC)/Special_Care_Resources.