PCSCFProxy Call Session Control Function
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IPSec SAs are also established between UE and PCSCF to ensure that these messages are exchanged between authorized UE and servers.
In this scheme registration of UE with S-CSCF is shown in 2 messages but it does not explain the authentication, establishment of SAs with new PCSCF, and integrity protection issues.
Techniques proposed in [7, 9] transfer the context from old P-CSCF to new PCSCF for reducing number of messages for registration and session establishment that leads to reduction in MDT.
Our scheme also gives a mechanism to transfer IPSec SAs from old PCSCF to new P-CSCF in a secure manner.
UE forwards this HANDOVER request to old PCSCF that forwards it to S-CSCF where new values from Contact and discovered-PCSCF headers are saved.
Thus the transfer of IPSec SAs from old P-CSCF to new PCSCF is done in a secure manner with authenticity.
It handles all this with low latency in MDT as given in (8), where E = {UE, PCSCF, ICSCF, HSS, SCSCF} is the set of entities, x is the number of messages between two entities, and T([E.sub.i], [E.sub.j]) is delay time taken by the message between entities [E.sub.i] and [E.sub.j], where i = {1,2,3,4} and j = i + 1.
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We assume that only the link between IMS UE and Proxy Call Session Control Function (PCSCF) in the IMS network is the wireless link; after finishing the lookup procedure, the IP-GW has only one hop link to reach the corresponding peer.
The IMS core network includes PCSCF and SCSCF, which were developed by customizing an SIP server.
PCSCF through I-CSCF determines where to send the Register request.
5, the GW has to retrieve the address of the focus target before forwarding the INVITE message from PCSCF. Thus, the INVITE time should be: