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PCSOPolice Community Support Officers (UK)
PCSOPolk County Sheriff's Office (Florida)
PCSOPhilippine Charity Sweepstakes Office
PCSOPutnam County Sheriff's Office (Florida)
PCSOPinellas County Sheriff's Office
PCSOPasco County Sheriff's Office (Florida)
PCSOPacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
PCSOPortage County Sheriff's Office (Wisconsin)
PCSOPickens County Sheriff's Office (South Carolina)
PCSOPinellas County Sheriff's Department (Florida)
PCSOPawnee County Sheriff's Office (Oklahoma)
PCSOPointe Coupee Sheriff's Office
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Florante Solmerin, PCSO deputy spokesperson, said some lotto patrons have expressed disappointment over the tax.
Under the National Internal Revenue Code, lotto winnings and all PCSO prizes are tax-exempt.
For the same quarter of 2016, a total of 6,574 walk-in and referred indigent patients and 4,743 PCSO officials, employees, and their dependents, availed of their free basic medical and dental consultation.
He said Ang is right when he said the PCSO has been corrupted.
She said she could not say whether PCSO Lewis had ridden through the potholes and then braked before veering into the path of the Skoda car.
SIX lucky children had the opportunity to be specially trained to become PCSOs for the day and walk the beat.
PCSO Graham boarded the train and confronted Edwards, who denied being involved in the burglary despite having the pearl necklace in his hand.
Along with PCSO Mogridge, he is also a trained narrowboat skipper and the pair have taken groups of pupils out on the canals.
Later that fiscal year, PCSO analyzed 91 applicants hired during a 6-month period.
Under the much-talked about TRAIN law, all PCSO prizes are imposed a 20-percent tax starting from P10,000 since last month.
She said PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan scolded her when she confronted him about the high cost and proposed the party be held at a cheaper venue.
Our STL continues to raise more funds to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's free medicines and financial assistance to medical patients in the country amid the vilification campaign being waged in the media by vested-interest individuals to destroy the lottery game, in particular, and PCSO, in general,' Balutan said.