PCSPPolar Continental Shelf Project
PCSPPre-College Summer Program (various schools)
PCSPProgram Cyber Security Plan
PCSPPersonal Care Service Provider (paraprofessional)
PCSPPeculiar Contingency Support Package (US Navy)
PCSPPharmacy Council on Stroke Prevention
PCSPProvidence Canyon State Park (Georgia)
PCSPProgrammed Communications Support Program
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O plantio nas leiras do PCCP e PCSP foi realizado com abertura manual de orificio com 0,08m de profundidade, colocacao vertical da base da rama e enterrio tambem manual.
Considering the PCSP only received $6 million in it initial year, this signaled a significantly larger commitment to charter schools from the Clinton administration.
While advocates fought in vain to capture the federal revenues generated by PCSP for IHSS program enhancements, they quickly began planning their next state policy initiatives and organizing support for Public Authorities in counties throughout California.
In 1972, George was appointed Director of PCSP, succeeding Fred Roots, its first director.
PCSP EVALUATION, supra note 31, at 38 (finding that in 2001
The research was funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canadian federal government's International Polar Year program (Project MD-021), and the Northern Scientific Training Program (both administered by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada), the Fonds quebecois pour la nature et les technologies of the Quebec government, the Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence ArcticNet, and the PCSP.
The Minister was speaking during a visit to Coleraine where she met with the first recipient of a call blocking device provided by Causeway Coast and Glens PCSP.
Tender to appoint a service provider to develop and oversee the delivery of an on street presence and engagement programme which will address low level ASB and fear of crime through regular on street presence in hot spot areas identified by Antrim and Newtownabbey PCSP through on-going engagement as well as incorporate diversionary activity and provide practical advice and training for local groups.
The profile and finances of the PCSP had become such a bad joke by then that scientist John England likened it to a "rusty old microbus" compared to the "space shuttles" that other Arctic countries were operating.
Objective: PCSP project is born out of the unique expertise developed after years of R&D at Canvax Biotech, and aims at transferring a technology to cover an unmet clinical need, accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa).
This initiative is a fine example of the PCSP engaging with and listening to the local community and taking on board their concerns.