PCSRPsychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (UK)
PCSRPre-Construction Safety Report
PCSRProfessional Customer Service Representative
PCSRPost Course Success Ratio
PCSRParallel Channels Signaling Rate
PCSRPerformance Counter Super-Resolution
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Managing for Political Corporate Social Responsibility: New Challenges and Directions for PCSR 2.
Section 3 introduces the CSR format and the PCSR algorithm.
It alleviates the bottleneck of PCSR that is suggested by Gao et al.
ALGORITH 1: Kernel I in PCSR Input: AA, JA, x, total_nonzeros; Output: temp; (1) tid [left arrow] threadIdx.
On the basis of the above discussions, we propose an improved PCSR on the GPU, called IPCSR, as shown in Algorithm 3.
A variavel dependente PCSR deve ser interpretada como a probabilidade da informacao de natureza social e ambiental, de cada uma das empresas da nossa amostra, ser elaborada de acordo com cada um dos niveis de divulgacao acima referidos.
Ao analisar cada um dos niveis da variavel PCSR, verificou-se que introducao das tres variaveis associadas as caracteristicas do conselho de administracao vieram introduzir um ligeiro aumento a capacidade explicativa do modelo.
Ou seja, era esperada uma relacao negativa entre a cumulacao de cargos e as praticas de RSC, contudo tal nao se verificou, assim sendo rejeitamos a hipotese H4 para o segundo nivel da PCSR.
For recovering lost packets, the PCSR module often makes a subsequent frame demand from the voice decoder.
From the above procedures for PCSR, we observe that PCSR needs additional global memory spaces to store a middle array v besides storing CSR arrays data, indices, and ptr.
In this section, we will present how to extend PCSR on a single GPU to multiple GPUs.
If each GPU has the complete input vector, PCSR on multiple GPUs will not need to communicate between GPUs.