PCSSDPhilippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving
PCSSDPulaski County Special School District (Little Rock, AR)
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Based on his positive experience, Hogg is looking into future SonicWALL deployments at PCSSD.
The forward-looking statements include but are not limited to statements regarding the benefits of the SonicWALL Clean VPN solution, the benefits of the SonicWALL Global Management System and future business opportunities at PCSSD.
PLATO Learning is pleased to have been chosen for the PCSSD Special Education Program.
While the main reason for the separation from PCSSD was to improve the Jacksonville schools, city leaders don't think the improvement will stop on school grounds.
The transition period, to be done alongside PCSSD, is expected to take about two years, Fletcher said.
Judge Marshall also approved the counterintuitive proposal to allow Jacksonville to carve its own school district out of the PCSSD.
Since the PCSSD is involved in a federal desegregation suit, the federal courts would have a strong say in the matter.
If Hamilton's bet pays off, here's how the PCSSD would use the money: