PCTGGlycol-Modified PCT Copolymer
PCTGProstate Cancer Treatment Guide
PCTGPeace Corps/The Gambia
PCTGProstate Cancer Trialist Group
PCTGPatient Care Technology Group (Australia)
PCTGPrestressed Concrete Through-Girder (bridge system)
PCTGPentru Cultura Ta Generala (Romanian: For Your General Culture; chat slang equivalent to FYI)
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PETG and PCTG are known by the tradenames of Eastar(TM), Spectar(TM) and Aspira(TM) copolyesters among others.
To demonstrate this correlation in a blend system, various PCTG 5445/M40 polycarbonate-blends were examined in the glass transition region by both TSDC and DSC.
Uniquely comprised of two resins, the package features a polypropylene barrel and PCTG base.
Crystalair[R] Compression Pack is made of Eastar PCTG copolyester.
The ballistic performance of the PC/PCTG microlayer materials should also be able to be explained in a similar manner especially since PCTG, rather than SAN, is more like polycarbonate.
It is therefore considered ideal for assembly applications in the glass, appliance and lighting manufacturing industries where it enables rapid bonding of glass and metal (stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper) and can also be considered for bonding a wide variety of plastics such as ABS, CAP, PA, PC, PCTG, PEBA, PEEK, PET, PETG, PI, PVC and SAN, as well as ceramic and FR4.
These new copolyesters have higher glass transition temperatures than Eastmanis heritage copolyesters commonly referred to as PETG, PCTG, and PCTA.
Fusion's Cahalen says polypropylene continues to be a popular choice for foundation packages, "not only because of the compatibility with the formula, but also from .a cost perspective." For example, she says the Scene bottle Fusion launched earlier this year and which recently was awarded the 2014 Cosmetic Package of the Year by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) AmeriStar competition-- "beautifully marries two resins," a polypropylene barrel with a crystal clear PCTG base.
The complete component is made up of PCTG, PP and ABS material and currently comes in both a 30m1 and 50m1 capacity Decoration options include silkscreen and hot stamps as well as heat transfer film.
He is most proud of the development of the principles of tight tolerance design, conversion of the first large injection molding application for PCTG copolyester, the design of large blow molding applications, and documentation of tight tolerance capability.
For this analysis, we looked at Eastar[R] DN004 PCTG copolyester; Eastar[R] PCTG 10179 copolyester; Eastar[R] AN004 copolyester; and general-purpose polycarbonate.
Medical business market manager Wayne Ladd reports that some of the improved chemically resistant Eastman PETG polyester products (which contain more than 50% ethylene glycol), and PCTG (which contain more than 50% cyclohexane dimethanol), are already commercial, while others are still under development.