PCTGProstate Cancer Treatment Guide
PCTGPeace Corps/The Gambia
PCTGPatient Care Technology Group (Australia)
PCTGProstate Cancer Trialist Group
PCTGPrestressed Concrete Through-Girder (bridge system)
PCTGPentru Cultura Ta Generala (Romanian: For Your General Culture; chat slang equivalent to FYI)
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To demonstrate this correlation in a blend system, various PCTG 5445/M40 polycarbonate-blends were examined in the glass transition region by both TSDC and DSC.
Figure 11 provides an example of the effect of changes in composition on the peak distribution of various PCTG 5445/M 40 polycarbonate blends.
This result is not consistent with PCTG 5445, which possessed very similar TSDC and DETA distributions.
The authors would like to thank Lou Sorriero for supplying the sample of T2-50-16, Ron Light, Eastman Chemical Company for the PCTG 5445/M40 PC blend samples, Alexandra Chamberlain for functionalizing the EPON epoxide, and Gary Rakes for preparing the epoxide OIC samples.
For this analysis, we looked at Eastar[R] DN004 PCTG copolyester; Eastar[R] PCTG 10179 copolyester; Eastar[R] AN004 copolyester; and general-purpose polycarbonate.
Medical business market manager Wayne Ladd reports that some of the improved chemically resistant Eastman PETG polyester products (which contain more than 50% ethylene glycol), and PCTG (which contain more than 50% cyclohexane dimethanol), are already commercial, while others are still under development.
You may know PET, PBT, and PETG--but what about PCT, PCTG, PCTA, and PTT?
The glycol-modified copolyesters are PETG (less than 50% of the diol content is CHDM) and PCTG (more than 50% of the diol content is CHDM).
Since until recently Eastman was the only producer of PCT, PCTG, PETG, and PCTA, its generic labeling may have somewhat obscured perception of the variety of copolyesters and their individual attributes.
Affected resins include PETG, PCTG, POT, PCTA, and others.
Eastar MN005 PCTG fills small, intricate parts and offers twice the flow of competitive copolyesters without sacrificing mechanical properties.
Eastar DN001 is a PCTG for injection molding that is tougher and other polyesters.