PCTPPartido Comunista dos Trabalhadores Portugueses
PCTPPomorskie Centrum Terapii Pedagogicznej (Polish: Pomerania Pedagogical Therapy Center)
PCTPPayload Complement Training Plan
PCTPPush Channel Tire Pressure
PCTPProstate Cancer Treatment Program
PCTPPrivate Communication Transport Protocol
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The special cases of the estimators have been compared with the r-(k, d) class estimator and the PCTP estimator by Chandra and Tyagi [25] and Huang and Yang [26], respectively.
This is exactly what the PCTP does: It brings together the poorest communities in the world to work alongside big names from the fashion industry.
> Control Experimental Ingredients Centrifuged dust stop -- 10 lubricating oil Aromatic oil (RPO 701) 10.0 -- Other ingredients used in the above formulation kept constant were: NR (EBC # 3X)--90.0; SBR 1502--10.0; N330 black--45.0; PCTP (Peptizol 7) - 0.10; zinc oxide--4.0; stearic acid--2.0; 6PPD (Pilflex 13) --0.5; TMQ (Pilnox TDQ)--2.0; P.
The PCTP was used as a peptizer to facilitate the mixing process.
The study shows that the granulated, dust-free peptizer 11/WG, which is based on specifically activated DBD, is an appropriate substitute for the discontinued peptizer 7/WG, which was based on activated PCTP. In NR skim compounds for rubber-to-steel cord adhesion, the behavior of 11/WG is similar to that of 7/WG in terms of the basic mechanical vulcanizate properties before and after aging, the heat build-up, the viscoelastic and the adhesion properties.