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PCTVProgram Controlled Transverters
PCTVPersonal Computer Television
PCTVPartido Comunista de Tierras Vascas (Spanish: Basque Communist Party)
PCTVPeoples Choise Television (ISP)
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Due to its compatibility of both TV set and PC monitor, the product stands out from general TV boxes for PCTV to bring this delightful TV experiences to the living room.
As part of those ongoing efforts, in 2010, USAID awarded a cooperative agreement to the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) to provide support for the program, "Pakistan Children's Television" (PCTV), also known as "Sim Sim Hamara."
The US Ambassador said this during his visit at Rafi Peer Theatre to overview the project Sim Sim Hamara set at Pakistan Children's Television (PCTV).
The film, which is now available to view on the force's online TV channel PCTV, was filmed by Coventry Police.
La mayoria de los concesionarios del interior de la Republica formaron la Productora y Comercializadora de Television (PCTV)8 en 1989 para negociar en bloque diversos servicios como la compra de senales extranjeras que ofrecen sus distintos sistemas, la renta de transponders de satelites y la creacion de una casa productora de contenidos (Sevilla, 1998; Crovi, 1999).
Earlier in July, Microsoft described the model of its stores which include Windows 7, PCTV and Smartphone sections along the walls.
Spanish courts also barred two other radical Basque parties, PCTV (Party of Basque Lands) and ANV (Nationalist Basque Action), from running in Basque regional elections in March over alleged links to ETA.
The lucky ones will be chosen to become serving dogs with West Midlands police and visitors to the force's new PCTV website can follow their progress over the coming months, though they will not be able to vote for them.