PCVDPlasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
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El diagnostico del PMWS se puede enfocar desde el espectro individual (13) y desde el poblacional o de granja, basado en las recomendaciones del Consorcio Multidisciplinario de la Union Europea que actualmente trabaja para el control de las PCVD (1).
The independent contribution of each variable to the length of PCVD-free survival was evaluated by multivariate Cox regression, taking into account only those variables that were found to be significantly predictive in univariate analysis carried out between patients with and without PCVD. The independent categorical variables were coded as follows: 1 for male and 0 for female, 1 for presence and 0 for absence of hypertension, 1 for presence and 0 for absence of arcus cornealis, and 1 for presence and 0 for absence of tendinous xanthomas.
Body mass index, PCVD prevalence, the presence of tendinous xanthomas and arcus cornealis, total and serum LDL-cholesterol concentrations, and the frequencies of the 118 mutations were significantly higher in patients with a definite clinical diagnosis of FH.
This analysis showed that the relative risk of PCVD in patients with a null mutation was ~3.1-fold higher than that in patients with a missense mutation (Table 3.).
Once the index case has been identified, early diagnosis of FH in other family members could allow them to take measures to reduce the risk of suffering PCVD. When LDL-cholesterol concentrations are the only clinical phenotype, however, it is not possible to make unequivocal diagnoses among family members of the index case by means of cholesterol measurements (31-34).
Grades available include chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PCVD) coated graders, cermet grades, and uncoated grades for aluminum and nonferrous materials.
Krupp-Widia Corp, 19868 Haggerty Rd, Livonia, MI 48152, hopes to change tradition with its new plasma-assisted CVD coating denoted PCVD. It's said to combine the benefits of both the CVD and PVD processes.
Measurements show the PCVD coating displays the same or higher bond strength than CVD coating, solving problems of spalling.
In contrast, only a few studies have been performed on the "transmission" of the PCV2-associated disease complexes (PCVDs), that is, whether PMWS can be "transmitted" from PMWS-affected to PMWS-free pigs.