PCVSPeterborough Collegiate and Vocational School (Canada)
PCVSPeterborough Council for Voluntary Services (est. 1980; UK)
PCVSProfessional Credentials Verification Service
PCVSPoint-to-Point Switched Virtual Connection(s)
PCVSPrimary Cyclic Vector Subspace
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First patient consented in Phase 2 PCV (mRNA-4157) study in patients with resected melanoma
Moderna's investigational PCVs are designed to use neoantigens identified from an individual's tumor to program the body's immune system to elicit a more effective anti-tumor response.
Past hematologic assessment of wild birds include determination of complete blood cell (CBC) counts and packed cell volume (PCV) and evaluation of blood smears for parasite presence.
In investigating the inside of the PCVs, muons - a kind of cosmic ray that rains down from space - were used to visualize the situation inside the reactors.
Decrease in antibiotic use, an added benefit of PCVs. Lancet Infect Dis.
The results indicate that 1 SAV can serve the same demand as 11 PCVs (substitution rate of 1-for-11).
However, according to the current practice the publication of a new ITRS realization is quickly followed by the release of an updated IGS reference frame solution, which benefits from the actual ITRF solution and the update of the GNSS PCV models and may be characterized by higher internal consistency and allows IGS for providing its products (coordinate and ephemeris) with the best accuracy.
Croucher et al., (28) have suggested that some pneumococcal MDR genotypes with the serotypes 19F and 19A belonging to PMEN14 clone have "soft" selective sweeps by PCVs, which might be the explanation for continuing circulation of both MDR serotypes in our post-vaccine period.
The initial discovery of Porcine circovirus (PCV) in Germany occurred in a continuous pig kidney cell line (PK-15 ATCC-CCL31) as a picornavirus-like contaminant and without any cytopathic effect, with initial assumption of having an RNA genome [11].
PCVs have been included for some years in the immunization schedules of children in their first year of life in many countries and they have completely modified the burden of pneumococcal diseases among these children and their unvaccinated contacts of any age [16].