PCWBPortland Community Wind Band (Portland, OR)
PCWBPersonal Computer World Business (UK)
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According to the first annual IT Issues Survey, carried out by PC World Business (PCWB), 57pc of businesses were troubled by potential security and virus threats and felt unprepared and under-resourced to handle such problems.
We also oberved good effects of LS on PAR CI, PCWB, MAP and urine output values in the patients received LS in postoperative period.
If after 10 minutes of weaning off CPB the CI was >2.2 L/min/m2, mixed venous [O.sub.2] [greater than or equal to] 70%, central venous pressure [less than or equal to]12 mmHg and PCWB [less than or equal to] 16 mmHg success was obtained; however, if such was not achieved, CPB was repeated by initiating epinephrine infusion (0.01 [micro][g.sup.-1] [kg.sup.-1]min).