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PD2Point Correlation Dimension (algorithm)
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Em sintese, constituem areas de cumeada e topos inferiores que estariam associados a superficie Pd2 e/ou Pd1 (BIGARELLA et al., ibid.); e, neste sentido, a classificacao das cristas, interfluvios e topos mediante o IPT foi bem sucedida--suas distincoes morfologicas sao separadas nas classes 10, 9 e 8.
SEM micrographs were performed in the cross section of the dry and swollen in water samples without immobilized yeast cells (P2) and with immobilized yeast cells (PD2), as depicted in Figure 5.
Anderson and Srinivasan presented ER-fair and offered new algorithm called PD2. It is also called mixed Pfair or modified Pfair (Pfair-M).
This unstable solution regains stability via another flip bifurcation at [mu] [approximately equal to] 0.1001 (PD2), where the critical Floquet multiplier comes back inside the unit circle and the stable periodic solution with double period disappears.
Support ongoing professional development on 7 1 LGBTQIQA topics PD2. Provide supervision and support for 7 1.25 teachers' and other school professionals' efforts to disrupt heteronormativity PD3.
All patients used the Dianeal PD4 (1.25 mmol/L calcium, 2 L) and Dianeal PD2 (1.75 mmol/L calcium, 2 L) from Baxter Healthcare Corporation.
Examining the factor loadings of organizational inertia Latent Items Loading t-values Latent Loading t-values Variables Variable RES1 0.90 42.04 RES2 0.87 24.66 RES 0.84 29.95 RES3 0.88 29.007 RES4 0.87 26.5 PD1 0.87 42.64 Dynamic PD2 0.88 21.86 PD 0.74 13.61 Capabilities PD3 0.76 10.98 PD4 0.83 21.49 PRO1 0.90 75.47 PRO2 0.87 29.12 PRO 0.87 43.42 PRO3 0.84 23.59 PRO4 0.82 14.09 Table 9.
The result also showed that isolate DHA_DHR_MR _12 had 99% sequence similarity with Lactobacillus fermentum strain K16, Lactobacillus fermentum strain K7, Lactobacillus fermentum strain KFC, Lactobacillus fermentum strain KF3, Lactobacillus fermentum strain BT111 and Lactobacillus fermentum strain PD2 (GenBank accession numbers KU21 3 667, KU213665, KT159935, KR816161, KM392067 and KR612224 respectively).