PD3Protein Domain 3 (molecular virology)
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According to a (https://afghanistan.liveuamap.com/en/2018/21-march-pd3-police-chief-abdulhamid-chakari-confirmed-a) report,  PD3 area Police Chief Abdulhamid Chakari confirmed a car bomb was used in the explosion.
The materials of simulated small wheels were quenched PD3, hot-rolled PD3, quenched U71Mn, and hot-rolled U71Mn rail materials, respectively.
The blow-up of the red part of the bifurcation diagram, shown in Figure 5(c), contains the bifurcation points PD3 and F2 found in Figure 5(a).
The results shown in Figure 6 illustrate the variation of yield in glucose fermentation as a function of time, for 5 fermentation cycles, in the presence of particles with immobilized yeast cells, compared to the fermentation of free yeast cells (samples PD2 and PD3 were chosen because they have different degrees of cross-linking).
Examining the factor loadings of organizational inertia Latent Items Loading t-values Latent Loading t-values Variables Variable RES1 0.90 42.04 RES2 0.87 24.66 RES 0.84 29.95 RES3 0.88 29.007 RES4 0.87 26.5 PD1 0.87 42.64 Dynamic PD2 0.88 21.86 PD 0.74 13.61 Capabilities PD3 0.76 10.98 PD4 0.83 21.49 PRO1 0.90 75.47 PRO2 0.87 29.12 PRO 0.87 43.42 PRO3 0.84 23.59 PRO4 0.82 14.09 Table 9.
As a result, the PD for polar water was found to be twice that of n-hexadecane (PD3, Phase 3; Table 2).
sandstone, quartzite and conglomerate 21 Pd: hard acidic and neutral red soils (Pd2, Pd3) 22 Qb: hard neutral red soils (Qb11, Qb16, Qb8) 23 Qd: hard neutral/alkaline red/red mottled soils (Qd4) 24 Qr: friable neutral red soils (Qr2) 25 Rh: friable neutral brown soils with cracking clays (Rh2) 26 Ta: hard acidic yellow/ yellow mottled soils (Ta6) 27 Tb: hard/neutral acidic yellow/yellow mottled soils (Tb 18.
According to the fit indexes, the revised models met the requirements for a reasonable fit after model modifications based on modification indexes: BED3 (Self-transcendence), CR3, CI3 (Conservation), FA3, PD3 (Self-enhancement), and SDT3 (Openness to Change) were dropped.
Holden E, SC bt*, HS bt**, E; Holgate J, PD3, CRM bt; Howarth P, HS bt*, PU bt*; Hudson J, PY, TX, SC bt*; James T, B, PY, C; Jamshaid R, B,H,E; Jones L, PY, MA, PA bt*; Knott R, SC bt**, IT; Krishnapillai J, HC bt*, PE, EC; Lane R, IT, MA, ES; Lawson B, IT, BUS bt*, CRM bt; Leach M, IT, HC bt*, BUS bt*; Lopez R, A*, TX*, E.