PDAAPennsylvania District Attorneys Association
PDAAProfessional Decal Application Association
PDAAPole Dancing Association of America
PDAAProperty Damage Auto Accident (police reports)
PDAAPrincipal Deputy Assistant Administrator
PDAAPre-Dispute Arbitration Agreement (contractual clause)
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Abbreviations are: ADAA = anterior insertion dorsal fin to anterior insertion anal fin; ADPA = anterior insertion dorsal fin to posterior insertion anal fin; PDAA = posterior insertion dorsal fin to anterior insertion anal fin; PDP = posterior insertion of dorsal fin to insertion of pelvic fin; PAA: insertion of pelvic fin to anterior insertion of anal fin; PPA = pelvic fin to posterior insertion of anal fin.
The 2014 recipients of the 17th annual PDAA Award for Achievement in Public Diplomacy (PD) include International Information Programs (IIP) employee Attia Nasar, former Islamabad Public Affairs Officer Ajani Husbands and Rachel Goldberg of The Phillips Collection for their work on a multi-dimensional exchange program called "Pakistani Voices: A Conversation with The Migration Series.
PDAA is a volunteer, nonprofit organization of current and former public diplomacy professionals that fosters understanding, recognition and support for public diplomacy through educational and social activities.
The following week found me in Pennsylvania for a PDAA state meeting in Lancaster, then Harrisburg with PA member Colette Jesikiewicz for an important meeting of the Pennsylvania State Dental Board.
PDAA said the PAS expanded its outreach, promoted grants programs and other exchanges, cultivated relationships with local journalists, expanded the consulate's social media reach and used music diplomacy to deliver strategic messages.
participation, organized fundraising efforts, selected student ambassadors to staff the pavilion and led the interagency working group on messaging, PDAA said.
At its 14th annual awards, the PDAA cited Christopher Teal, public affairs officer at the U.
The PDAA said the two were integral to the Department's gaining a 1,000 percent increase in public diplomacy funding to create text messaging platforms to reach at-risk populations, among other projects in the two nations.
Through exchange programs, the American Center library, English teaching, publications, donated book programs and media outreach, they implemented a broad range of public diplomacy tools and programs while operating in a challenging environment, PDAA said.
For a complete list of PDAA Alumni Association award winners since 1993, go to http://www.