PDADPassive Duplicate Address Detection
PDADProposed Draft Addendum
PDADPhoto-Diode Array Detector
PDADProgram Description and Approval Document
PDADPeritoneal Dialysis on Alternate Days
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Hongbin, "An address configuration protocol for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks based on PDAD," Computer Standard and Interfaces, No.
Stunning blonde Sam also took Paul along to her Lashes launch party in London in January but he hung back and ily are pdad ing let her be the star.
Samples (containing 40[micro]g gallic acid equivalents (GAE) by Folin assay) were analyzed on a LCQ-DECA system, comprising Surveyor autosampler, pump and photo diode array detector (PDAD) and a Thermo-Finnigan mass spectrometer iontrap.
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The city's Parks Development and Administration Department (PDAD) was directed to trim trees along major thoroughfares.
In the same meeting, Parks Development and Administration Department (PDAD) was also directed to trim trees along major thoroughfares to avoid any accidents.