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PDAGPalladium Silver
PDAGPhiladelphia Direct Action Group (Philadelphia, PA)
PDAGPostal Development Action Group (Universal Postal Union)
PDAGPanic Disorder with Agoraphobia (psychology)
PDAGProcess Definition Advisory Group
PDAGParish Diocesan Assembly Group
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Figure 2 shows the diffractograms for the PdAg-a, PdAg b, and PdAg-c catalysts.
Similar angular shifts have been reported in the literature, which have been obtained by increasing the concentration of the silver precursor in the PdAg system during reduction with hydrogen gas [18].
Table 3 shows the results reported for the PdAg and other representative catalytic systems for comparative purposes.
They reported that the lattice parameter of Pd increases linearly with the Ag concentration in the PdAg alloy obtained by electroless method [19].
The ethanol electrooxidation reaction on PdAg catalysts was analyzed as a function of the reduction temperature in the polyol process.
Ledesma-Garcia, "Comparative study of carbon-supported Pd and PdAg catalysts synthesised by the polyol process and reverse micelles methods," Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, vol.
En el CONPES 3463 de 2007, se determina la construccion de los PDAg y se establece, como en el CONPES 091, la promocion de la vinculacion del capital privado bajo el argumento de que la gestion del agua requiere inversion a largo plazo y un alto nivel de esta (Urrea y Cardenas, 2011).
A nivel departamental los gobiernos locales han implementado los PDAg teniendo como base los instrumentos y los marcos normativos del CONPES 3463.
La normativa de los PDAg genero los instrumentos sobre los cuales garantizar el despojo y la apropiacion del bien.
A nivel municipal los Consejos deben aprobar la participacion dentro de los PDAg, bajo la amenaza de que no hacerlo se perderan los recursos del Sistema General de Participaciones para agua potable y saneamiento basico.
CCHD and PDAg conducted a traceback investigation of the source of the tuna.
CCHD and PDAg reviewed the records of each distributor involved in the wholesale-to-retail process of the tuna.