PDAMPerusahaan Daerah Air Minum (Indonesian regional water utility company)
PDAMProposed Draft Amendment
PDAMPipeline Defect Assessment Manual (oil industry)
PDAMPrecision Direct Attack Munition
PDAMPlum TV Digital Asset Manager
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Yesterday, the PDAM said raising the members' sales commission for fuels would be the best move to ensure the welfare of the petrol kiosk dealers and consumers, as the last review of the commission was done in 2008.
PDAM is a process of processing, storage and utilization of drinking water and water used for food production and water used for food production and other purposes such as oral rinse, toothbrush, preparation of foods, either for cooking matter or drink for babies.
The first is organized by the government through PDAM and several private companies, while the latter is organized by the community independently, either independently or in groups.
The surveyed respondents consist of 20 organizations representing the local government agencies (Office of Public Works and BAPPEDA) and PDAM. More than two-third of the survey were done by direct interview, while the rest were communicated through mail.
PAM Lyonnaise Jaya operates under a contract with PDAM DKI Jakarta, the concession holder of the water supply in the Jakarta province, the agency noted.
This would mean constructing against the wall of the water-processing factory, PDAM, with the pathway now along the bank.
SP PDAM, JAKARTA WATER PRIVITIZATION: WORKERS CAMPAIGN TO BRING BACK WATER IN PUBLIC HANDS (2007), available at http://www.waterjustice.org/uploads/attachmentsl6 _ADB_Water-privatisation_Jakarta_Dameria_kyoto_apr07_eng.pdf.
A new process-monitoring system that utilizes PC-based Process Data Acquisition Modules (PDAM) was shown at NPE 2009 by Syscon-PlantStar, South Bend, Ind.
The correct method to assess the significance of this defect in relation to the immediate integrity of the pipeline is to utilize a fracture-mechanics-based Failure Assessment Diagram method presented in recommended practice API 579-2000 (API 2000, PDAM 2003).
"PDAM Research on New Product Development Practices: Updating Trends and Benchmarking Best Practices".
It is just a matter of an exercise to extend our external-memory algorithm to work optimally in a model where D parallel disks are available [Vitter and Shriver 1994], called PDAM model.
The Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) today urged the government to raise their members' sales commission for fuels to cover the anticipated higher cost of operation following the government's announced weekly fuel price float that begins on Monday.