PDAPPalmer Drug Abuse Program (Houston, TX)
PDAPProspero Data Access Protocol
PDAPPersonal Digital Assistant Profile
PDAPPhilippine Development Assistance Programme
PDAPProzess-Daten-Analyse-Programm (German: Process Data Analysis Program)
PDAPPlanetary Data Access Protocol (US NASA)
PDAPPortable Data Acquisition Package
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Moreover, NPDP has been regarded as a psychological problem because the psychiatric prevalence of the PDAP patient was high since chronic pain disorder could be associated with psychological problems [1, 2, 5, 14].
Pdap:Pdtree: a translation of the Pdtree application of Garland et al., Phenotypic diversity analysis programs.
PDAP is designed as a free, simple, yet detailed tool that takes the time and guess work out of the hands of pavement construction planners when it comes to recommending a concrete slab versus asphalt.
Table 5 clearly shows that while TGFF is better in terms of PDP by 18.4%, m[C.sup.2]MOSff1 shows a 12.4% improvement in the PDAP making it suitable for high density applications where performance can be compromised.
So, in this article, we undertake the study of third-order NLO properties of PVA doped with pyrazoline, PDAP. We focus here on how the PDAP chromophores modify the microstructure of PVA and show that the dispersion of pyrazoline into polymer enhances the optical susceptibility.
In 1995, as part of its draconian "program review" budget, the Liberal federal government precipitously slashed funding from these programs by over half, cutting the PDAP altogether.
One of these programs includes the development of a "sister project" called PDAP or the Pipeline Deterioration Assessment Project.
On the whole, the candidates, while going through with the task of untying all sorts of puzzlers, talk as if they have not known that DAP and PDAP have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
We used Garland et al.'s (1994) Phenotypic Diversity Analysis Program (PDAP) and Martin and Garland's (1990) Comparative Method Analysis Program (CMAP) to analyze these data.
They are beyond the government's meager resources like PDAP, DAP, and public funds under so many guises.