PDARProgram Description and Requirements
PDARPreferential Departure and Arrival Route
PDARProgram Description and Requirements (US NASA)
PDARProduct Disposition Authorization Report
PDARPlease Destroy After Reading
PDARProducibility Design Analysis Report
PDARPolice Daily Activity Report
PDARProcess Data Acquisition and Reporting
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With regards to the situation of other parties that I intend to analyse 'PUNR' respectively PDAR, the numerical wheighting of the nomenclature in the new political structures was lower: from 12% (1992), following a decrease of up to 9 per cent (only 3% in 1996), in what concerns PUNR, while PDAR, said Raluca Grosescu represented "the political voice of socialist technocracy".
For the normalization of our results, we used a VIC[TM]-labeled glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) TaqMan PDAR endogenous control reagent set (Applied Biosystems).