PDAYPathological Determinants of Atherosclerosis in Youth
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PDAY investigators obtain blood and coronary artery samples from the legally required autopsies of trauma victims aged 15 to 34.
Spore viability ranged from 98 to 100% and was evaluated one day before bioassay setup by spreading 10 [micro]L of each spore suspension onto PDAY in a Petri dish.
Feature Description 1 Age Age of client in years 2 Balance Client's average annual balance in Euros ([euro]) 3 Day Client's last contact day 4 Duration How long it takes to contact the client 5 Campaign Number of contacts performed for client during the current campaign 6 Pdays Number of days elapsed since last contact from previous campaign 7 Previous Number of contacts performed for the client before current campaign 8 Job Type of job held by client 9 Marital Client's marital status 10 Education Client's highest educational qualification 11 Default Is the client in default of credit facility?