PDBPProved Developed Behind Pipe (hydrocarbon reserves)
PDBPProject Delivery Business Process (US Army Corps of Engineers)
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Mean values of pSBP and pPP obtained in males were significantly higher than those obtained in females (p < 0.001); on the contrary pDBP and HR were significantly lower in males compared with females.
The results of this study suggested that, the blood gas analysis indexes of the observation group had a higher improvement compared to those of the control group; there were remarkable differences in FEV1, FVC and 6-minutes walking distance between the observation group and the control group, and the PSBP and PDBP of the observation group were lower than those of the control group, suggesting azithromycin in combination with simvastatin could dramatically regulate pulmonary arterial pressure and improving lung function.
The sources said the PDBP had so far installed more than 3,200 domestic biogas plants and 236 tube well plants in 12 districts of central Punjab.
The PDBP is designed to enable corporations to maximize their return on their investment in the commercialization of new products and services while at the same time continuing to optimize the business performance of existing product lines.
Furthermore, through the assignment of responsibility for execution of the PDBP to a single Management Decision Authority, a corporation or business unit can assure that a responsible entity exists for the transformation of corporate strategies and resources into business performance.
We now describe in more detail the four major operational pieces of the PDBP: strategic front end, product delivery pipeline, field operations, and closed-loop performance improvement.
The end-to-end nature of the PDBP provides a basis for defining and initiating field improvement activities as well as for funding and prioritizing these programs relative to the other activities being implemented throughout the entire PDBP.
The closed-loop nature of the PDBP overcomes this stagnation by providing an integral mechanism for business performance improvement.
Closing the loop on the PDBP gives companies the process velocity required to address rapid change.
Once planned and funded, these actions are formalized into business improvement initiatives that are implemented in one or more areas of the PDBP. Gap closure can often require the development of a new tool or methodology to support effective implementation of initiatives.
The PDBP is guided by a senior management decision team.
In summary, the PDBP offered a common forum for integrating a broader approach to productivity than was previously possible.