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The figures show that of the 4856 PDBs reported to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) between 1st January and 20th June 2019, 60% were the result of human error.
When a new PDB is created, an encryption key must also be created since each PDB requires its own master key in the wallet.
Correlation matrix of subscales of deliberative belief and critical thinking and engagement attitude NDB PDB CI EA NBD 1 PDB .682 (**) 1 CT .672 (**) .668 (**) 1 EA .143 (*) .120 (*) .072 1 Note: (**) p<.01.
where B is the residue B factor from the relevant PDB, [[mu].sub.B] is the mean of the [C.sub.[alpha]] residue of B factors, and [[partial derivative].sub.B] is the standard deviation of [C.sub.[alpha]] B factors.
With more than 5 remaining PDBS, all points (except one) fell within the 95% confidence limits for SPARC x [1/PRAMEF2] (Figure 4(b)).
Caption: Figure 4: TEM micrographs of PDBs effect on BT-474 cell line.
Included in the last category is the President's Daily Brief (PDB), a written intelligence product which is briefed daily to the President, and which consists of six to eight relatively short articles or briefs covering a broad array of topics.
Berman concedes that he filed a routine Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the release of Johnson's presidential daily briefs (PDBs)--the intelligence summaries the Central Intelligence Agency prepares for the President each day--in part "as a matter of principle." The briefs he wanted for the article are dated August 6, 1965, and April 2, 1968.
This was subsequently formalized in the UK Prison Design Briefing System (PDBS 1989) and the Woolf Report (1991) advocating the construction of wings for small groups of 50-70 inmates, and put into practice in triangular houses at HMP Woodhill (Milton Keynes 1991), Doncaster and Lancaster Farms.
But an administration review committee headed by CIA Director George Tenet has refused to declassify anything even referring to the existence of PDBs.
of Indianapolis has announced a worldwide price increase of 10% for all brominated flame retardants and derivatives, including: dibromostyrene--Great Lakes' PBS and PDBS; tetrabromoplithalic anhydride-Great Lakes' PHT-4 and PHT4DIOL; hexabromocyclOdOdeCaneGreat Lakes' CD-75 series; tetrabromobisphenol A-Great Lakes' BA-59P; octabromodiphenyl oxide-Great Lakes' DE-79; and tribromophenol additives-Great Lakes' P11-73.