PDCCHPacket Data Control Channel
PDCCHPacket Dedicated Control Channel
PDCCHPhysical Downlink Control Channel (3GPP LTE)
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where [N.sup.RB.sub.PDCCH,2x2] is the number of symbols for the PDCCH per RB in 2 x 2 MIMO system.
The CFI informs the UE about the number of OFDM symbols used for the transmission of PDCCH information in a subframe.
KEYWORDS: LTE, Admission Control, Downlink Scheduling, OFDM, MAC, RLC, PDCP, PDSCH, PDCCH, FDD, OPNET Modeler.
All the sublayers use one of the six downlink channels (PBCH, PFCICH, PDCCH, PHICH, PDSCH and PMCH) to communicate with each other and with radio interface.
After the admission control the next step was to devise a scheduling algorithm that can take care of the Non-GBR radio bearers in terms of handing over to the channel some additional bandwidth by taking extra space from the Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH) which would have been wasted otherwise and hand it over to the Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH).
For each allocation, control information is created in PDCCH. The equal capacity sharing algorithm is fair to all equal priority queues, as the resource distribution is done evenly.
The value for the cyclic prefix is the same as 7 symbols per slot and 3 PDCCH symbols per sub-frame which is a conservative estimate while admitting radio bearers into the system.
The PDCCH number of columns is close to 1 and the PDSCH is not completely 100% utilized which resulted in such better response times for the UE's as shown in Figure 13.
Then the eNodeB will borrow the RBs from non-ULLL slice to notify the resource indication to this user in PDCCH. The user will transmit all of remaining packets in its buffer once it gets Acknowledge of the first packet from eNodeB.
Step 5: Receiving CTS from the Rx_D_UE successfully, Tx_D_UE receives UL MAP from PDCCH simultaneously.
C-RNTI is assigned by the eNB on the PDCCH during the Random Access Response to identify the UE uniquely [18].