PDCDPhase Change Rewritable Cd Drive
PDCDPyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Deficiency
PDCDPolarization Dependent Chromatic Dispersion (photonics)
PDCDPortable Data Collection Device
PDCDPeriphery Driven Curriculum Development (UK)
PDCDPrimary Degenerative Cerebral Disease
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The PDCD has pointed out that the product is not registered in Qatar and any distribution of the same amounts to a violation of Law no 1 for 1986, pertaining to the registration of medical companies and their products.
The PDCD questionnaire was prepared by the researcher in light of related literature to determine which characteristics could affect blood pressure.
This session also included a one-on-one interview about participants' socio-demographic and hypertension-related characteristics (PDCD), their lifestyle (LE) and their state and trait anxiety (STAI).
Participant interviewed to complete PDCD, STAI and LE questionnaires.
In a statement, the PDCD explained yesterday that it has not proven that the drug has any defect in its manufacturing.
Retail prices of medicines in Qatar remain among the highest in the region despite the abolition of the drug pricing law by the Supreme Council of Health's Pharmacy and Drug Control Department (PDCD) in April 2011, Gulf Times has learned.
Initially, the PDCD was the sole authority to fix the prices of medicines in Qatar by issuing a rate list to wholesalers, who sell the stocks to retailers with prices printed on each pack of drugs.