PDCLPedagogisch Didactisch Centrum Leuven (Dutch: Educational Education Center Leuven)
PDCLParallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Wayne State University; Detroit, MI)
PDCLPaddington Development Corporation Ltd. (UK)
PDCLPost-Degree Continuous Learning (Canada)
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The atomic ratios H/M obtained by H2 chemisorption for all catalysts, suggests an order particle size: PtCl/C < PdCl /C < PdN /C, which is closely related to the catalytic activity results.
The market is hosted by PDCL supported by Prudhoe Town Council, Northumberland County Council, English Heritage and Prudhoe Community Partnership.
Andrew Jones from PDCL said: "This is a wonderful opportunity to show off Prudhoe, it's castle, town, businesses and people."
The market is part of the not-for-profit work carried out by PDCL to help promote Prudhoe and help sustain the charitable work and projects of Prudhoe Community Partnership.
PDC, PDCL, and PDCL3 protein sequences from humans (NP_002588, NP_005379, and NP_076970), chimpanzees (XP_524997, XP_528422, and XP_001161637), cattle (XP_615567, XP_001250725, and NP_001069113), dogs (NP_001003076, XP_852231, and XP_531782), rats (NP_037004, NP_071583, and NP_001020880), mice (NP_001153202, NP_080452, and NP_081126), and chickens (XP_426634, XP_001234493, and NP_001025983) were obtained from NCBI to construct the phylogenetic tree.
PDC and PDCL proteins showed high similarity and formed one major cluster.