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PDDPervasive Developmental Disorder
PDDProject Design Document
PDDPresidential Decision Directive (part of NSC)
PDDPhysical Device Driver
PDDProduct Data Definition
PDDProject Document Design
PDDPlatform Device Driver
PDDPhoto Deluxe Data
PDDProduct Design Description
PDDPortable Digital Document
PDDPhoto Deluxe Document
PDDPhysical Database Design
PDDProfessional Development Day (school teachers)
PDDParties du Discours (French: Parts of Speech)
PDDPremenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
PDDProventricular Dilatation Disease
PDDPhotodynamic Diagnosis
PDDPost Dial Delay (New Global)
PDDPartenariat de Developpement (French: Partnership Development; EU)
PDDProduct Design and Development
PDDProfessional Disc for DATA
PDDProfessional Development Department (various organizations)
PDDPresidentially Declared Disaster
PDDPuy de Dôme (France)
PDDProfessional Development District (various schools)
PDDPsychophysiological Detection of Deception (polygraph)
PDDProject Definition Document
PDDPrescribed Daily Dose
PDDProportional Delay Differentiation
PDDDjibouti Development Party
PDDPortable Disk Drive (various companies)
PDDPercentage Depth Dose (radiation therapy)
PDDPrecision Device Distributors (South Africa)
PDDPublic Defender Department (New Mexico)
PDDPortable Digital Document (QuickDraw GX, Mac OS)
PDDProventricular Dilation Disease
PDDPreliminary Design Document
PDDPresidential Disaster Declaration
PDDPaperless Direct Debit (UK)
PDDProduct Definition Data
PDDPulsed Discharge Detector
PDDPlatform-Dependent Driver
PDDPayment Due Date
PDDProvision for Doubtful Debts
PDDPersonnel Detection Device
PDDProgram Description Document
PDDPersons with Developmental Disability
PDDProgram Design Document
PDDPatient's Dental Dictionary
PDDPage Description Diagram
PDDProgram Design Description
PDDPayload Definition Document
PDDPedigree Devil Dog (US Marine Corps)
PDDProduct Development Detachment
PDDProgressive Diaphyseal Dysplasia
PDDPriority Delivery Date
PDDProgram Definition Document
PDDPre Dinner Drink(s)
PDDPost Delivery Date
PDDProjected Departure Date
PDDPlanned Delivery Date
PDDProcess Decomposition Diagram (Sprint)
PDDPersonal Development Dialogue
PDDProjected Decision Date
PDDPreliminary Due Date
PDDPrecision Depth Digitizer
PDDPackage Designation & Description
PDDPerformance Description Document
PDDProgram/Process Dependency Diagram
PDDPoint Detonating Delay (fuse)
PDDPost-Decorrelative Detector
PDDPerl Data Dump
PDDParameter Dependency Diagram (systems management)
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"Thank you to all Albertans who participated in this engagement, and to the members of the PDD review panel for their hard work and leadership.
Finally, the MayoClinic.com article on PDD, there are some strategies to "ward off" symptoms and these include: controlling stress, reaching out to family and friends, getting treatment "at the earliest sign of a problem" and getting long term maintenance medication.
Previous studies have shown an association between cognitive impairment in PD with lower serum vitamin D14,15 but there is a gap in literature to understand whether cortical and subcortical cognitive functioning is vulnerable to vitamin D levels in PDD.
Many studies have investigated the effect of the APOE gene on the risk of onset of PDD. A case-control study investigating the relationships between PDD and different APOE genotypes found no obvious differences in APOE genotypes and gene frequency between patients with versus without PDD [21].
Sixty PDD patients, sixty PD patients, and forty neurologically normal controls at The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, between February 2015 and December 2016, were enrolled in this study.
The PDD had projected the government's funding requirement as at 2nd March 2015 at 13.55 billion rupees.
Dosimetry studies show that the PDD initially increases rapidly until the depth of the maximum dose is achieved.
For more details please email luma@pdd.co.uk or call PDD +44 (0)20 8735 1111 or visit luma-institute.com/workshops.
Raising pro-freedom slogans, the youth hoisted Pakistani flag on a PDD tower and amid pro-freedom slogans clashed with the police deployed on the roads, resulting in the injuring of several persons.
Hashim Fatahallah Al-Amin a affirme que le Soudan est pret a appliquer les termes du programme comprehensive du Developpement de l'Agriculture Africaine(PDD).
"It is possible that the impairment in disgusted-face recognition in PDD-NOS reflects the existence of more severe motor deficits and functional abnormalities in the basal ganglia than are present in other PDD subtypes."