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PDD-63Presidential Decision Directive 63
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As with any piece of policy or legislation, PDD-63 and the Patriot Act found themselves in need of updates, so in February 2013, the Obama administration issued Executive Order 13636 (EO-13636), or the "Cybersecurity Order."
PDD-63 assigned the following specific missions to the CIAO: integrating the various infrastructure- sector plans developed collaboratively with federal lead agencies and sector coordinators from industry into a single national plan, coordinating analyses of US government agencies own dependencies on critical infrastructures, developing national education and awareness programs to elevate understanding and promote dialogue on the importance of critical infrastructure assurance and coordinating legislative and public affairs initiatives.
Despite the considerable progress that has been made in the months since PDD-63 was published, much remains to be done.
PDD-63 identified the following activities whose critical infrastructures should be protected: information and communications; banking and finance; water supply; aviation, highways, mass transit, pipelines, rail, and waterborne commerce; emergency and law enforcement services; emergency, fire, and continuity of government services; public health services; electric power, oil and gas production, and storage.
(13) Among his many duties outlined in PDD-63, the National Coordinator chaired the Critical Infrastructure Coordination Group.
Lead Agencies per PDD-63 Department/Agency Sector/Function Commerce Information and Communications Treasury Banking and Finance EPA Water Transportation Transportation Justice Emergency Law Enforcement Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Fire Service Health and Human Services Emergency Medicine Energy Electric Power, Gas, and Oil Justice ** Law Enforcement and Internal Security Director of Central Intelligence ** Intelligence State ** Foreign Affairs Defense ** National Defense ** These are the functions identified by PDD-63 as being primarily under federal control.
63 (PDD-63) (9) set as a national goal the ability to protect the nation's critical infrastructure from intentional attacks (both physical and cyber) by the year 2003.
Although not specifically identified in the Directive, the Clinton Administration proposed establishing a Federal Instruction Detection Network (FIDNET) that would, together with the Federal Computer Intrusion Response Capability (FedCIRC) begun just prior to PDD-63, meet this goal.
63 (PDD-63) (8) set as a national goal the ability to protect the nation's critical infrastructure from intentional attacks (both physical and cyber) by the year 2003.
The PDD-63 directs every agency to develop and implement such a plan.
PDD-63 and its implementation raise a number of issues.
The General Accounting Office recently released a report (May 22) evaluating the progress made by the National Infrastructure Protection Center in meeting the mission assigned it in PDD-63.