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PDD-63Presidential Decision Directive 63
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In 2001, pursuant to PDD-63, the Bush administration's Patriot Act attempted to further define and protect critical infrastructure, including physical and virtual systems and assets which are vital to the health, safety and security of the United States.
As with any piece of policy or legislation, PDD-63 and the Patriot Act found themselves in need of updates, so in February 2013, the Obama administration issued Executive Order 13636 (EO-13636), or the "Cybersecurity Order.
Despite the considerable progress that has been made in the months since PDD-63 was published, much remains to be done.
13) Among his many duties outlined in PDD-63, the National Coordinator chaired the Critical Infrastructure Coordination Group.
The Directive also made the NIPC the conduit for information sharing with the private sector through an equivalent Information Sharing and Analysis Center(s) operated by the private sector, which PDD-63 encouraged the private sector to establish.
Quite independent of PDD-63 in its origin, but clearly complimentary in its purpose, the FBI offers a program called INFRAGARD to private sector firms.
In many respects, the Bush Administration policy statements regarding critical infrastructure protection represent a continuation of PDD-63.
While PDD-63 focused primarily on cyber security, it gave the National Coordinator responsibility to coordinate the physical and cyber security for all critical infrastructures.
Although not specifically identified in the Directive, the Clinton Administration proposed establishing a Federal Instruction Detection Network (FIDNET) that would, together with the Federal Computer Intrusion Response Capability (FedCIRC) begun just prior to PDD-63, meet this goal.
The PDD-63 directs every agency to develop and implement such a plan.
PDD-63 and its implementation raise a number of issues.
The General Accounting Office recently released a report (May 22) evaluating the progress made by the National Infrastructure Protection Center in meeting the mission assigned it in PDD-63.