PDDAPoly Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride (chemical)
PDDAPower Driven Decontamination Apparatus
PDDAPacific Detroit Diesel Allison (Kent, WA)
PDDAParallel Deadlock Detection Algorithm
PDDAParticipatory Direct Democracy Association (Canada)
PDDAPost-Disaster Damage Assessment
PDDAParallel and Distributed Dynamic Analyzer (software)
PDDAPhysicians Drug and Diagnosis Audit
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The gold nanoparticles were positively functionalized with PDDA [38, 39] and Si[O.sub.2] nanoparticles were negatively charged [43, 44].
5mg acid-treated CNTs were dispersed into 10 mL 0.1% PDDA aqueous solution containing 0.5 M NaCl, and the mixture was sonicated for 20 min to obtain a homogeneous suspension.
For [Ti.sub.0.91] [O.sub.2] nanosheets were negatively charged, in order to load [Ti.sub.0.91] [O.sub.2] nanosheets onto the CFA by electrostatic deposition, the surface of CFA was modified by cationic polyelectrolytes (PEI and PDDA).
Poly-(diallyldimethyl ammonium chloride) (PDDA) and single and double-stranded calf thymus DNA (ss-DNA and ds-DNA, 13K base pairs), were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich(St.
Ademas de su importancia tecnologica, este compuesto tiene un interes academico debido a que es un compuesto con defectos intrinsecos que no necesita ser dopado como en el caso de los semiconductores basicos, binarios u otros ternarios y podria proporcionar informacion de la influencia que los PDDA puedan tener sobre las propiedades estructurales, electricas y opticas de estos materiales.
The TECOM provided data from field tests using chemical-agent simulants and the M12A1 PDDA. The US Army Chemical School provided information on tests conducted during the 1960s; this information is the basis for current chemical doctrine.
All fabrication and welding was done by PDDA in Anchorage.
Pacific Detroit Diesel Allison (PDDA) has a forward thinking strategy it would like to share with its customers.
[35] have gained a stable poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (PDDA) functionalized aqueous dispersion of graphene with the PDDA as stabilizer and hydrazine hydrate as a reducing agent.
PDDA (15), and polyaniline (22) can be inserted into its lamellae to form intercalated GO nanocomposites by different methods and with different c-axis repeat distances (20).
Kotov and his coworkers programmed a robot to dip glass slides in alternating solutions of a negatively charged clay known as montmorillonite and a positively charged polymer called PDDA, short for poly(diallydimethylammonium) chloride.