PDDAGPervasive Development Difficulties Advisory Group
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As shown in Figure 2, after reduction of the GO (curve a) with hydrazine for 24 h, the FTIR peaks intensities in PDDAG (curve b) corresponding to the oxygen functionalities, such as the C = O stretching vibration peak at 1724 [cm.sup.-1], the C-O (epoxy) stretching vibration peak at 1222 [cm.sup.-1], the vibration and deformation peaks of O-H groups at 3429 and 1621[cm.sup.-1], respectively, and the C-O (alkoxy) stretching peak at 1054 [cm.sup.-1], decreased dramatically, and some of them disappeared entirely.
Figure 8 depicts the influence of the immobilized amount of PDDAG dispersion (1mgmL-1) on the oxidation peak current of FA.
This lower detection limit can be ascribed to the electrocatalytic activity and adsorption ability of PDDAG to FA.