PDDHPomperaug District Department of Health (Southbury, CT)
PDDHProgram in Disparities and Diversity in Health (University of Kansas)
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And yet, as El Faro noted in a July 6 analysis of the report, the current head of the PDDH, Raquel Caballero, still supports the Sanchez Ceren administration's crime-fighting policies.
The report states that the PDDH stepped in and ordered medical examinations of the complainants, with the result that evidence of mistreatment and sexual abuse was found.
Whatever memories the case brings up for the oft-beleaguered people of El Salvador, for the PDDH, "We are not looking for drama, we are seeking the rule of law, and it pains us that our country continues giving proof that it respects neither the law nor the Constitution.
The PDDH report also criticized the two-year extension, which means riders will have to use buses that are more than 17 years old until they are replaced.
Despite the PDDH report and the unconvincing evidence justifying the arrest, few Assembly deputies were willing to support a resolution asking for Sandoval's resignation.
The government's negotiating committee (Comision de Garantes), which includes representatives from the Interior Minister, ex-paramilitary organizations, the legislature, and the PDDH, announced it would suspend negotiations as long as the street protests continued.
The PDDH delegate said police continued the attack even after strikers agreed to disperse.